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The Outrageous Chronicle

This is a collection of blogs & articles , YouTube & Twitch videos and any other documentation about OUTRAGE. 

We try to make it as comprehensive as possible.

In case your article or any other contribution is missing please feel free to contact me


Winner - Best Games 2020

Very nice personal Top5 of C64 game releases in 2020 by YouTuber Kite666G with OUTRAGE rated number 1.

“I know there where many exellent games this year but this game really took me back to the golden years of the Commodore when i was a kid. Thank you for making this gem of a game.”
Retro Video Gamer - Game of the Year 2020

Silver Medal - RVG Game of the Year

Retro Video Gamer nominated 10 finalists for Commodore 64 and for ZX Spectrum for its annual Game of the Year 2020 Award. The list has been curated by RVG, RGN, Planeta Sinclair, Reset64, Hayesmaker64, and many more.


OUTRAGE achieved the fantastic silver medal with 28,31% very close behind the winner Millie & Molly from Carleton Handley / Bitmap Soft & BoBr Games with 28,92%.  MW Ultra from Protovision & Psytronik took 3rd place with 20,48%.



RGN Gamers Choice Award

These 20 finalists of Retro Gamer Nation’s C64 Gamers’ Choice Award of 2020 have been curated by RGN and the results were determined by popular vote.

OUTRAGE made it into the TOP 10 and scored with 63 votes a remarkable 6th place within the strong competitor field. The honorable winners are: 

  1. place – Zeta Wing (144 votes) 
  2. place – Fix-it-Felix Jr (101 votes)
  3. place – Millie & Molly (90 votes)

IRN - C64 Game Awards 2020

Indie Retro News nominated the “cracking AAA beating games with amazing physical releases in 2020 and stunning artwork. These will be remembered along with the very best games ever made for the C64.”


OUTRAGE was placed within the Game of the Year category together with Milly & Molly, MW Ultra and Hired Sword 2. We solute the category winners: 

  • Game of the year:  MW Ultra (Protovision & Psytronik)
  • Budget Game of the year: Zeta Wing (Sarah Jane Avory)
  • Genius of the year award: Fix it Felix Jr. (Steve Day)

Videos, Gameplays and Playthroughs

Biggest German retro fanzine RETURN featured an extensive publisher special about Protovision and a video interview with OUTRAGE developer Bernd Buchegger in their RETURN TV Episode#9 . Moderators Frank and Alex revealed the answer to the question if there is more to be expected from Cosmos Designs in the future.

Check out their YouTube channel for more stuff!  

Honestly that was exactly the review I was hoping for. A comparison between my great inspiration the classic C64 Thalamus game Hawkeye and OutRage. Fantasticly  edited and commented by BastichB 64K.

Thanks mate, that really meant a big honor to me! 


Best comment by Jeroen Tel (famous Hawkeye sound composer) telling that he was in the age of 15 (!) when doing it – WTF this C64 legend is MY AGE!

First full playthrough without trainers mastered by Old Style Gaming.

“This one was just the right level of difficulty/strategy to be enjoyable as some games become a real chore on the really hard levels. You got everything right on this game mate and every c64 fan should defo play it!” 
Old Style Gaming

OUTRAGE firstplay and review by Markus “Atroxis” Holler and Dennis “Hurrican” Pauler from Virtual Dimension (German).

“I found it better then Hawkeye.”  
Thanks Dennis – that was the best compliment ever! 

More Outrage Videos on YouTube: 

Gameplay Videos on Twitch

Reviews and Articles

These international retrogaming platforms have been reviewing OUTRAGE in their blog articles: 

Print Coverage

This is the collected print coverage featuring articles about OUTRAGE: 

  • 1993 – 64’er Magazin Issue#7
  • 1993 – 64’er Magazin Issue#12
  • 2005 – CEVI Aktuell Issue#7
    • Including an Interview with Protovision by Boris Kretzinger 
    • Download →  CEVI-Aktuell_2005-07 (pdf, page 3, German)
  • 2009 – CEVI Aktuell Issue#3
    • With a Protovision cover story by Milo Mundt, Jakob Voos, Stefan Gutsch and Jan Böttcher 
    • Download →  CEVI-Aktuell_2009-03 (pdf, page 9, German, 7MB!)
  • 2021 – ZZAP!64 Micro Issue#1
    • Published a cover story about Cosmos Designs in their brandnew ZZAP! 64 Micro Issue#1
    • Including a full OUTRAGE review scoring a fantastic overall rating of 79%
    • With a timeline of all our games including IMPEROID – that was never a release but a game coding tutorial!
    • Check the mag review video by BastichB / 64K and please support ZZAP! 64 on Patreon 
    • Download →  ZZAP! 64 Micro Issue#1  (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher)
  • 2021  – Retro Format / Eight Bit Magazine Retro Annual 2020
  • 2021 – Komoda & Amiga plus Issue#18
    • Retro computing magazine K&A plus from Poland featured an OUTRAGE review and an extensive developer interview with mastermind Bernd Buchegger 
    • Outrage scored a fabulous 9 / 9 / 9 rating in all ranking categories!
    • Check out issue#18 on the official K&A plus website and order your subscription to support these great guys!
    • Download → K&A plus Issue#18 OUTRAGE Review & Dev Interview  (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher) 
  •  2021 – Lotek64 Issue #62
    • Lotek64 is a free Austrian mag for game consoles and home computers with emphasis on the Commodore 64.
    • Issue#64 features an OUTRAGE review and a comprehensive developer interview with Bernd Buchegger.  
    • You download Lotek64 as free PDF or order the printed annual edition from Books on Demand (BoD)
    • My old school mate Georg Fuchs is running this non-commercial project with his team since 2002. 
    • Download → Lotek64 Issue#62 OUTRAGE Review & Interview  (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher)
  • 2021 – RETURN Issue #46
    • Biggest German retro gaming magazine RETURN features a fabulous OUTRAGE review and developer interview in their issue #46
    • RETURN officially acknowledges in their article that OUTRAGE even surpasses UnReal World in terms of time from start to release date (often referred to as “Development Limbo“).
    • Also check out the hilarious Cosmos Designs photos from a copy party in Budapest – what a flashback! 
    • RETURN is exclusively published as paper mag – order your copy here
    • Please do also visit their YouTube Channel and watch their ReturnTV episodes – Issue#9 had a great Protovision special and includes an exclusive video interview with OUTRAGE mastermind Bernd Buchegger – Big shoutout to Frank & Alex!  
    • Download → RETURN-46_excerpt_OUTRAGE  (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher, 6 MB)

Return Issue#64 - OUTRAGE review and interview

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