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The Outrageous Chronicle

This is a collection of blogs & articles, YouTube & Twitch videos and any other documentation about OUTRAGE. 

We try to keep it as comprehensive as possible.

In case your article or any other contribution is missing please feel free to contact me


Winner - Best Games 2020

Very nice personal Top 5 of C64 game releases in 2020 by YouTuber Kite666G with OUTRAGE rated number 1.

“I know there were many exellent games this year but this game really took me back to the golden years of the Commodore when I was a kid. Thank you for making this gem of a game.”
Retro Video Gamer - Game of the Year 2020

Silver Medal - RVG Game of the Year

Retro Video Gamer nominated 10 finalists for Commodore 64 and for ZX Spectrum for its annual Game of the Year 2020 Award. The list has been curated by RVG, RGN, Planeta Sinclair, Reset64, Hayesmaker64, and many more.


OUTRAGE achieved the fantastic silver medal with 28.31% very close behind the winner Millie & Molly from Carleton Handley / Bitmap Soft & Bobr.Games with 28.92%. MW Ultra from Protovision & Psytronik took 3rd place with 20.48%.



RGN Gamers' Choice Award

These 20 finalists of Retro Gamer Nation’s C64 Gamers’ Choice Award of 2020 have been curated by RGN and the results were determined by popular vote.



OUTRAGE made it into the TOP 10! With 63 votes it scored a remarkable 6th place within the strong competitor field. The honorable winners are: 

  1. place – Zeta Wing (144 votes) 
  2. place – Fix-it-Felix Jr (101 votes)
  3. place – Millie & Molly (90 votes)

IRN - C64 Game Awards 2020

Indie Retro News nominated the “cracking AAA beating games with amazing physical releases in 2020 and stunning artwork. These will be remembered along with the very best games ever made for the C64.”


OUTRAGE was placed within the Game of the Year category together with Millie & Molly, MW Ultra and Hired Sword 2. We solute the category winners: 

  • Game of the year:  MW Ultra (Protovision & Psytronik)
  • Budget Game of the year: Zeta Wing (Sarah Jane Avory)
  • Genius of the year award: Fix it Felix Jr. (Steve Day)

TOP 10 - Best Games 2021

Personal TOP 10 of Commodore 64 games that have been released in 2021 (including December 2020) by YouTuber BastichB from 64K.


Besides OUTRAGE the video features Nixy the Glade Sprite, Ninja Carnage, Battle Kingdom, Bad Moon Rising, Plekthora, Lost Realms of Murkasada, Arcade Daze, Briley Witch Chronicles, Soulless 2, Night Knight, Monstro Giganto, Soul Force, Gates of the Ancients and Runn ’n’ Gunn.

TOP 20 after C64 Releases

Personal TOP 20 of Commodore 64 games that got released after C64 ceased production by YouTuber Old Style Gaming.


Being among this exquisite choice of digital greatness is a true honor. It features awesome titles like Sam’s Journey, Sonic the Hedgedog, Super Mario Bros C64 and many others. Note that OUTRAGE is the only production that started BEFORE the decline of the C64 and was released almost 3 decades after it. Thanks Paul!

Videos, Gameplays and Playthroughs

Biggest German retro fanzine RETURN featured an extensive publisher special about Protovision and a video interview with OUTRAGE developer Bernd Buchegger in their RETURN TV Episode #9. Moderators Frank and Alex revealed the answer to the question if there is more to be expected from Cosmos Designs in the future.

Check out their YouTube channel for more stuff!  

Honestly that was exactly the review I was hoping for. A comparison between my great inspiration – the classic C64 Thalamus game Hawkeye – and OUTRAGE. Fantasticly edited and commented by BastichB 64K.

Thanks mate, that really meant a big honor to me! 


Best comment by Jeroen Tel (famous Hawkeye sound composer) telling that he was in the age of 15 (!) when doing it – WTF, this C64 legend is MY AGE!

First full playthrough without trainers mastered by Old Style Gaming.

“This one was just the right level of difficulty/strategy to be enjoyable as some games become a real chore on the really hard levels. You got everything right on this game mate and every C64 fan should defo play it!” 
Old Style Gaming

OUTRAGE first play and review by Markus “Atroxis” Holler and Dennis “Hurrican” Pauler from Virtual Dimension (German).

“I found it better than Hawkeye.”  
Thanks Dennis – that was the best compliment ever! 

OUTRAGE hammer review by OldMetalheadGaming 


I literally shed tears of joy – that vid was hilarious! 

He obviously shed sweat and blood to fight his way through.

The full background story got shaped out like a precision-driller. At the end he rated with his personal beer scale and OUTRAGE got full-metal 10 out of 10 beers – cheers, mate!

“I do not really see this video as a review but a love declaration to the genre in general and to OUTRAGE in particular.”  

Gamejam / Klujam 2022 Interview 


I had the chance to give an interview and talk about OUTRAGE at the Spring Gamejam / Klujam 2022 in Klagenfurt. I used this opportunity tell about our Guinness Book of Records experience and ask for help  as I am still searching for the right supporting institution. The Klujam is organized by the game studies institute at the University of Klagenfurt – so hopefully they can become a promoter of our journey. 

Let’s Play for Charity Stream at LEVEL UP 2022 


I got invited to the LEVEL UP 2022 Gaming Festival in Salzburg to talk about OUTRAGE.

Ingo Horn from Let’s Play for Charity interviewed me and we talked about the genesis of the game and our attempt to beat the Guinness book world record for the longest video game development. Big shoutout to Dennis and Shahzad who helped organizing! 

Let’s Play for Charity collects donations for Gamer’s Health and other institutions – please support them! 


This excellent researched video has been put together by Wouter Bovelander aka theHighlander71. Wouter focused his report on those members of the OUTRAGE taskforce that might not have gotten the attention they deserved –  one of them is Sidney Arbouw. Sidney fixed numerous bugs and spent over 12 months into investigating the undocumented assembler code to put the puzzle pieces together. Wouter pays high tribute to the whole team effort that made OUTRAGE possible. Thanks Wouter – I totally agree – and big shoutout to all these amazing OUTRAGERS that made the happy end possible!  

Full Walkthrough until final boss

Christian aka VIPER trained for a full week in order to get  himself prepared for his video captured with MiSTer (FPGA) Commodore 64 HDMI at 1080p/50Hz. He mastered all five levels but did he prevail the final endboss? Well find it out!

“For me, Outrage is just a great game that I had a lot of fun with. Of course it’s nothing for players with not so good skills.”

OUTRAGE Gameplay Video from Paddy Retro Kanal that starts with the live presentation from Malte Mundt given at the LuheCon in Winsen 2023. Malte (aka ThunderBlade) is the brother of Milo Mundt (aka MacGyver) who tragically died 2022. Malte tells the OUTRAGE story from Protovision’s perspective with some new background facts. The presentation is in german so make sure to activate subtitles.


Highfive to Malte and Paddy – mates, you brought back many wonderful memories in the year 2023!  

More Outrage Videos on YouTube:

Videos on Twitch:


These WIKIs contain OUTRAGE in their public knowledge base: 

  • C64 Wiki – the german part of the famous C64 Wiki now has an OUTRAGE article in the making. In case you would like to contribute feel free to do so and leave your opinion about the game in the ranking section. Actually OUTRAGE got 8,67 out of 10 points. 

Reviews and Articles

These international retrogaming platforms have been reviewing OUTRAGE in their blog articles: 


These podcasts covered OUTRAGE and Cosmos Designs’ history:

  • German Retrokompott features a quiz with Bernd Buchegger in their Podcast #155.
    • With a short interview as introduction and warm-up for the quiz.
    • Check it out – would you have been able to answer the questions?
  • Retrokompott Podcast Issue #159 includes a full length Retro Talk interview with Bernd Buchegger
    • With many historical facts about the genesis of Cosmos Designs. 
    • Including lots of personal stuff including the background of my nickname “Panther”.
    • Shoutout to Patrick Becher for all the good questions and bringing back so many good memories!
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Print Coverage

  • This is the collected print coverage featuring articles about OUTRAGE with free excerpts from the mags to download:
  • 1993 – 64’er Magazin Issue#7
  • 1993 – 64’er Magazin Issue#12
  • 2005 – CEVI Aktuell Issue#7
    • Including an Interview with Protovision by Boris Kretzinger 
    • Download →  CEVI-Aktuell_2005-07 (pdf, page 3, German)
  • 2009 – CEVI Aktuell Issue#3
    • With a Protovision cover story by Milo Mundt, Jakob Voos, Stefan Gutsch and Jan Böttcher 
    • Download →  CEVI-Aktuell_2009-03 (pdf, page 9, German, 7MB!)
  • 2021 – ZZAP!64 Micro Issue #1
    • Published a cover story about Cosmos Designs in their ZZAP! 64 Micro Issue #1
    • Including a full OUTRAGE review scoring a fantastic overall rating of 79%
    • With a timeline of all our games including IMPEROID – that was never a game release but a coding tutorial!
    • Check the mag review video by BastichB / 64K and please support ZZAP! 64 on Patreon 
    • Download →  ZZAP! 64 Micro Issue#1  (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher)
  • 2021 – Retro Format / Eight Bit Magazine Retro Annual 2020
  • 2021 – Komoda & Amiga plus Issue#18
    • Retro computing magazine K&A plus from Poland featured an OUTRAGE review and an extensive developer interview with mastermind Bernd Buchegger 
    • Outrage scored a fabulous 9 / 9 / 9 rating in all ranking categories!
    • Check out issue #18 on the official K&A plus website and order your subscription to support these great guys!
    • Download → K&A plus Issue #18 OUTRAGE Review & Dev Interview  (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher) 
  •  2021 – Lotek64 Issue #62
    • Lotek64 is a free Austrian mag for game consoles and home computers with emphasis on the Commodore 64.
    • Issue #62 features an OUTRAGE review and a comprehensive developer interview with Bernd Buchegger.  
    • You download Lotek64 as free PDF or order the printed annual edition from Books on Demand (BoD)
    • My old school mate Georg Fuchs is running this non-commercial project with his team since 2002. 
    • Download → Lotek64 Issue #62 OUTRAGE Review & Interview  (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher)
  • 2021 – ZZAP!64 Annual 2022
    • ZZAP!64 / ZZAP! Amiga Magazine picked up the entire history and gamography of Cosmos Designs including OUTRAGE and a Lions of the Universe review – our legendary space sidescroller shmup. 
    • Many thanks to Chris Wilkins & the ZZAP! team for this wonderful end-of-year highlight
    • You can get your copy at Fusion retro books.
  • 2021 – RETURN Issue #46
    • Biggest German retro gaming magazine RETURN features a fabulous OUTRAGE review and developer interview in their issue #46
    • RETURN officially acknowledges in their article that OUTRAGE even surpasses UnReal World in terms of time from start to release date (often referred to as “Development Limbo“).
    • Also check out the hilarious Cosmos Designs photos from a copy party in Budapest – what a flashback! 
    • RETURN is exclusively published as paper mag – order your copy here
    • Please do also visit their YouTube Channel and watch their ReturnTV episodes – Issue #9 had a great Protovision special and includes an exclusive video interview with OUTRAGE mastermind Bernd Buchegger – Big shoutout to Frank & Alex!  
    • Download → RETURN-46_excerpt_OUTRAGE  (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher, 6 MB)

Return Issue#64 - OUTRAGE review and interview

  • 2022 Reset64 Issue #14
    • C64 magazine Reset64 focused heavily on the whole Run ‘n Gun genre in their issue #14.
    • Reset dedicated an article to the legacy of Hawkeye – a true masterpiece of graphics, sound and gameplay from Boys Without Brains that was released by Thalamus in the year 1988. 
    • Hawkeye was inspiration to many spin-offs like Bamboo, Tales of Boon, Rubicon, Greystorm, Flimbo’s Quest and last but not least our beloved OUTRAGE!
    • The very anticipated sequel Hawkeye II so far failed to get completed. Scene group Onslaught put out a preview at the X’2010 party and efforts have been restarted. Let’s hope David and his team can make it happen!
    • It also included an OUTRAGE review which turned out to be quite critical compared to prior ratings. But hey, not everybody is a fan of the rock-hard difficulty levels of the 90s. 
    • Reset64 Issue #14 can be downloaded for free but please donate – these guys put their lifeblood into it.
    • Download → Reset64 Issue #14 OUTRAGE excerpt (pdf, with friendly permission from publisher, 778 KB)
  • 2022 Retro Gamer Issue #235
    • Well-known Retro Gamer joined the list of magazines to report about OUTRAGE.
    • Andrew Fisher did the interview with Bernd Buchegger for the “Champion Coder” rubric.
    • You can read the full length interview with Bernd Buchegger in the Retro Gamer online forum.   
    • Please check out Magazines Direct online store to order your Retro Gamer print copy or read the excerpt from the mag here – with friendly permission from publisher – Thanks Darran!

Retrogamer#235 Interview Bernd Buchegger


Last but not least the section that I hoped I would never have to add: the tributes to those who have left us too early.

MILO MUNDT aka MacGyver

  • Milo passed away on 14th of October 2022 very unexpectedly in the age of 43.
  • Visit his MacGyver CSDB page to get an overview of his many contributions. To me this sentence in his vita described him best: Some believe he’s part of the preternatural “invisible glue” that keeps the world together. 
  • Milo contacted me 2005 via ICQ after having read about OUTRAGE in the Games that weren’t website. As a consequence I signed my first contract with Protovision in order to get OUTRAGE finally released.
  • Milo was an incredible helpful guy and talented lecturer who provided lots of corrections to this homepage.
  • Milo and me never met in person but in 2021 Arny and me had the opportunity to have a long video call with him. During that call Milo impressed with his profound scene knowledge. He was even able to reveal the secret behing IMPERIOD – it turned out that it was the result of an assambler course given by McSprite for the C64 Mag.
  • I owe Milo a lot. Thank you so much, mate and may we see again in retro heaven!
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